K R I S T I N A-- L O G A N

Kristina LoganOrnament Magazine, Vol 30, No.3, 2007Master Class in
Glass Beadmaking
by Jill DeDominicis


As students gather in the Blue Dolphin Stained Glass Studio in San Diego, California, renowned glass artist Kristina Logan (Ornament Volume 21, No.4, 1998) gets right to business. It is the second day of her two-part glass beadmaking workshop and students are anxious to experience another day at the torch under Logan’s careful, encouraging guidance. The workshop, organized with Heather Trimlett (Ornament Volume 26, No.3, 2003), another nationally-recognized glass bead artist, is a separate and special addition to the regular eight-week lampworking courses Trimlett offers at the Blue Dolphin.

Beads by Kristina LoganThe students’ experiences and strengths may vary, but all are present for a similar purpose: to hone their glass beadmaking skills and gain control and precision in their movements. It is safe to say they could not have chosen a better teacher to demonstrate the ways of precision lampworking than Logan, an artist celebrated for her geometric and exacting dotted glass beads and one whose history in the redevelopment of glass beadmaking as an artform runs deep.

Photographs by Robert K. Liu/Ornament.

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