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Mobilia Gallery - 358 Huron Avenue, Cambridge MA, tel. 617-876-2109


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Kristina Logan Ornament Magazine Cover January 2017
2017 ORNAMENT Magazine, Vol.39.3

I feel grateful and proud to start 2017 with such exciting news. Twenty-five years ago when I started making glass beads I remember waiting impatiently for every issue of Ornament to be delivered and savoring each page, reading and re-reading it cover to cover. Before the Internet was flowing with information, Ornament Magazine kept me connected to the world of makers and their art. I am thrilled to be featured in this current issue!




Kristina is featured in an article in the International Society of Glass Beadmakers Publication: Glass Bead Evolution Volume 2 – Issue 2 – 2014

(View article...)


Kristina Logan in LiuLi magazineKristina Logan in LiuLi magazine

Kristina is featured in LiuLi magazine, a non-profit monthly of Liuli China Museum, Shanghai, China. “LiuLi” is the Chinese name for glass. The museum was found by glass artist Loretta Hui-Shan Yang and Chang Yi. The key subject of the magazine is art, especially glass art. The circulation is about 20,000 every month, including Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and San Francisco. (View article...)


 Glass Line magazine - June/July 2012

Small but Beautiful
Top 40 international

Kristina's work is featured on the cover of the June/July 2012 issue of Glass Line magazine. Her work is in their 2012 Small but Beautiful competition for flameworked glass beads capturing the status of this artform at this time in the 21st century and marking its 25 years of publishing.

As an illustration of the global reach and appeal of flameworked beads, the 103 entries were from 10 countries — Canada, Italy, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States — and the top 40 entries came from the United States, Canada, Italy, England, Germany, and Japan.

Sara Sally LaGrand, Barbara Becker Simon, Paul Stankard (all practicing glass artists) and Robert K. Liu, PhD are on the jury for the competition.

 Beadwork Magazine - Feb/Mar 2012
Kristina is featured in the "bead artist" section of the February/March 2012 issue of Beadwork Magazine. The article by Michelle Mach is on page 96.
 June 2010 issue of ASK Magazine, a monthly design-oriented Egyptian publication.

Kristina is honored to be in the June 2010 issue of ASK Magazine, a monthly design-oriented Egyptian publication. Published in English; it specializes in interior design, landscaping, architectural design, fine art and furniture as well as home accessories and appliances.

You can find "ASK Magazine" on Facebook.

You can find a copy of the article about Kristina here....


The History of Beads: From 100,000 B.C. to the Present, Revised and Expanded Edition  by Lois Sherr DubinThe History of Beads: From 100,000 B.C. to the Present, Revised and Expanded Edition
by Lois Sherr Dubin

Lois Dubin has updated her spectacular History of Beads book (2009). I have several photos in it and she has placed me on the time line of bead history.

- Kristina


The Penland Book of Glass: Master Classes in Flamework TechniquesThe Penland Book of Glass: Master Classes in Flamework Techniques
Lark Books - 2009

This beautiful book combines autobiography with how-to description by leading glass artists who have taught at the Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC. Kristina has written a chapter explaining her work and also describes how she makes a beautiful disk bead and uses her metalsmithing skills to turn it into a ring.

Visit the Lark Books web site for more info about the book and a slideshow of the artists featured in the book.


Masters: Glass Beads Book
Masters: Glass Beads
Lark Books - 2008

Kristina's work is included with the fourty master beadmaking artists selected from around the world and featured in this book. Her work appears also appears on the cover of the book.


 2008 Glass Art Calendar


2008 Glass Art Calendar

Kristina's glass bead & metal jewelry is featured on the cover and inside.


1000 Glass Beads book1000 Glass Beads
Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking
Lark Books - 2004

Kristina's beads are shown on the front cover and pages 150, 250 & 297 of this book. There is also a short bio about Kristina just before the index.



Feature Articles:

  • 2017 ORNAMENT Magazine, Vol.39.3
  • 2010 ASK Magazine -- June 2010 issue - (view article)
  • 2007 Ornament Magazine -- Volume 30 no., 3, 2007 - (read an excerpt)
  • 2007 Bead & Button Magazine, August 2007
  • 2007 Craft Cast, volume 1, issue 4, June 2007
  • 2005 GLASS ART Magazine, May/June 2005
  • 1998 GLASS Magazine, No. 73, Winter 1998
  • 1998 La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, No. 103,
    November-December 1998
  • 1998 ORNAMENT Magazine, Vol. 21, No. 4, Summer 1998
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